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Main/Danube Canal:  The dream of Emperor Charlemagne in the year 794 was of a waterway that would connect the Rhine to the great Danube to allow ships to sail from the North Sea to the Black Sea.  In 1845 King Ludwing of Bavaria had the same vision.  In the 1920s work on a 100 mile canal with over 100 locks was resumed – and finally completed in 1992!

The Danube is Europe’s second longest river, it connects eight countries from the Black Forest to the Black Sea.   You can cruise from Hungary, through Austria’s Wachau Valley, and into the heart of Germany.  Visit cities such as Vienna and Budapest as you sail through the Lower Danube.  On a Danube cruise you can explore the art, history and culture of Europe’s most celebrated cities.


Truly a “best kept secret” destination.  The Douro offers a gently, relaxing journey of breathtaking scenery, quaint villages and towns.  By choosing a river cruise on the Douro you will agree that this is the best, most comfortable and most enjoyable way to see Portugal.  The Douro may not be the longest, grandest, or most historic of Europe’s rivers, but she is definitely one of the most beautiful and unspoiled.  You will cruise from Porto on a wonderfully scenic path terraced with thousands of vineyards, sleepy villages and tranquil coutrysides.  True wine connoisseurs and food aficionados will enjoy indulging in the region’s celebrated Port wine and local cuisine.

Elbe & Moldau

The historic Elbe River takes you through the heart of former East Germany.  You will visit ports that were closed to Westerners for almost 50 years! The town of Meissen is renowned for its porcelain; Dresden is one of Europe’s greatest baroque cities.  Unchanged villages and medieval towns are waiting for you to explore them.


The great Rhine River flows a distance of 1,320 km (820 miles), passing through six countries:  Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands.   A cruise along the Rhine will show you more medieval castles than in any other river valley in the world.  The fairytale castles combined with the breathtaking landscape of terraced vineyards and old-world towns will leave you awestruck.

Rhone & Saone

This river will take you through the South of France, sail past quaint hilltop cities and fashionable, lively towns, lush vineyards, fields of flowers, and sun-drenched vistas made famous by great painters such as Van Gogh and Cézanne.  Visit regions filled with UNESCO World Heritage Sites—Arles, immortalized by Van Gogh’s paintings; the well-preserved medieval city of Avignon, with its spectacular Palace of the Popes; and Lyon, center of Gallo-Roman history and the gastronomic capital of France. 


Travel the legendary Seine River from the famous “city of lights” Paris. Visit the charming French village of Les Andelys, the city of Rouen, and the harbor town of Honfleur, all of which were lovingly recreated by the Impressionists.  Walk the beaches of Normandy -where the Allied forces landed during WW II’s D-Day Invasion, and see the site where Joan of Arc was martyred.  Experience Monet’s home in his beloved village of Giverny, where you’ll see the familiar Japanese bridge and the water garden with its pond still full of the water lilies—all of which inspired his great works of art.

Volga & Svir

Discover the heart of Russia along the shores of the Volga.  Follow the path Peter the Great took and sail from Moscow to St. Petersburg, a spectacular voyage through these historic waterways.  Cruise past medieval towns, quaint river villages, and sail through the largest lakes in Europe:  the Onega and Ladoga.  Truly a once in a lifetime River Cruise.


There’s no better way to experience the wealth of Egyptian history, culture, and architecture than on a River Cruise.  From the cities to rural villages, where life goes on as it did thousands of years ago, a cruise along the Nile is like watching 5,000 years of culture unfold before your eyes. Be amazed as you sail past simple villages surrounded by lush palm groves, fertile plantations, romantic desert hills, lush oases, modern cities and ancient colonnaded temples and pyramids.


China a country of natural splendor, from the majestic Himalayan Mountains to the mighty Yangtze River, the land is broad and diverse.  Cruise down the Yangtze River where you’ll see the Three Gorges with their sharp, cloud-enshrouded peaks. Marvel at awe-inspiring landscape as you cruise along the Li River, and visit Guilin’s Reed Flute Cave, a dripstone cave boasting stalactites and stalagmites in dazzling colors. Cap your grand adventure off with a visit to the great city of Hong Kong. Great natural wonders, scenic beauty, imperial splendor, and ancient history come together in this never-to-be-forgotten journey.



Canada Blooms


March 16-25, 2012
Direct Energy Centre, Toronto

What a wonderful show we had this year! Not only did everyone enjoy the flowers and gardens from Canada Blooms, but all enjoyed the Home Show as well!

We will be back at the show next spring!

Zoomers Show!


October 28 and 29, 2012

Stop by and visit with us during the Zoomers Show. This is our second year and we will be featuring Viking River Cruises at this event.


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